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Why Choose Migratus

Why Choose Migratus?

Migratus is a professional and committed Migration Agency thriving to provide excellent and personalised assistance.

Our aim is to make your immigration process as simple and stressfree as possible for you.

Australian immigration laws and procedures are very complex and changing almost on a weekly basis. It is therefore essential to have access to the most recent and up to date information, legislation and forms. As registered migration agents, we have access to an electronical legal library and to the Government's directions and policies. We also have to attend continual professional development seminars throughout the year as part of our registration requirements. Therefore, you can be reassured that we have an excellent and accurate knowledge of the whole immigration process and procedures.

We will help you to put together an application to maximise your chances of success. We will also help you avoid all the classical pitfalls you might encounter if you applied on your own: if you use an old form, tick the wrong box or miss a deadline, your visa application could be invalid and as a consequence, you will have wasted money (the Government’s application fees are not refundable), your time and might be precluded from applying again.

It is therefore essential to be correctly advised and assisted throughout your immigration process.