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Business Visas

Business Skills Visas

Who can apply?

If you intend to establish a business in Australia, manage a new or existing business or invest in Australia you could be eligible for a business skills visas.

You need to have an overall successful business background, significant assets, certain turnover and a genuinely realistic commitment to establish a new business, or participate in an existing business, or invest in a business in Australia.

You need to be under 55 years. In some exceptional circumstances, you can be aged over 55 years.

Please book an appointment for a personal assessment or  contact us to find out more about our services. 

What can I do with a Business Skills visa?

If you apply for a business skills visa, it is usually a 2-stage process:

You will first be granted a provisional visa (business Innovation and investment provisional subclass 188). After about 2 years, you could be eligible to apply for a permanent visa (business Innovation and investment permanent subclass 888), provided all other legal requirements are met. This 2-stage process is to ensure that your involvement in business and/or investment in Australia is genuine and that you have contributed to Australia’s economic development.

There is another visa for very successful business people (business talent permanent subclass 132): this is directly a permanent visa (no "2 stage process").

If you hold a provisional visa:

The provisional visa is valid for 4 years (renewable for 2 years if certain conditions are met) and entitles you to establish a new or participate in an existing business in Australia or make a designated investment in Australia. After having created/participated in the business for at least 2 years (or held the designated investment for at least 4 years), you could be eligible for a permanent visa provided you meet all legal requirements (turnover, personal/business assets, points test, duration of investment, etc.).

If you apply for a provisional visa, you can include your spouse and dependent children in the application; they will be permitted to work and study in Australia.

If you hold a permanent visa:

Your family is entitled to accompany you to Australia and are permitted to work and study.

You may be eligible to apply for citizenship if you meet the 4 year residency requirement and meet all other legal criteria.