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Why choose Migratus?

Why choose Migratus

Migratus is a professional and committed Migration Agency thriving to provide excellent and personalised assistance.

As an employer, you have enough things to worry about without having to deal with a lot of extra paperwork related to your employee's immigration process. Our aim is to make the immigration process simple and smooth for the two of you and allow you to continue running your business without wasting your time and energy on immigration related procedures.

The procedures to sponsor a current or prospective employee (whether on a temporary or permanent basis) are complex and time consuming. There are a lot of requirements that you and your business must meet in order to be able to sponsor an employee and/or nominate an occupation.

Once you have met all the criteria, your current/prospective employee still needs to meet all the legal requirements to logde a valid visa application.

All these procedures are entwined and need to be carried out correctly and in a timely manner.

It is therefore important to have a thorough and in-depth knowledge of Australian immigration laws and procedures, which are very complex and ever changing. As registered migration agents, we have access to an electronical legal library and to the Government's directions and policies. We also have to attend continual professional development seminars throughout the year as part of our registration requirements. Therefore, you can be reassured that we have an excellent and accurate knowledge about the whole immigration process and procedures.

If you want you and your employee's immigration process to stand the best chances, it is essential to be correctly advised and assisted throughout the process.

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