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Visa Preparation

Visa preparation

If you decide to appoint Migratus to represent you, we will assist you throughout your immigration process, liaising on your behalf with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship and with any other relevant agencies.

We will:

- Sign a written agreement outlining clearly both parties’ rights and obligations
- Provide an initial appointment (over the phone or face to face)
- Gather all relevant information and documents
- Research to ensure you meet all latest legal and regulatory criteria as well as Departmental policies.

- Keep you informed of any changes in legislation that may affect your application

- Finalise and complete all relevant forms (skills assessment forms, Expression of Interest, family/State sponsorship forms, Assurances of support, visa application form, etc.)
- Prepare submissions to the Department in order to maximise your chances of success
- Help you with all various steps on the way (penal clearance, medical examinations, etc.)
- Provide you with simple and comprehensive “step-by-step” guides and checklists
- Liaise on your behalf with all relevant agencies
- Provide you with post grant assistance (help you understand the conditions of your visas if any and explain next steps if any)

We can guarantee that we will do all we can to put together the best application in order to maximise your chances of success!