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Partner Visas

Partner Visas

Who can apply?

If your husband, de facto partner or interdependent partner (same sex relationship) is an Australian citizen or permanent resident able to sponsor you, you could be eligible for a partner visa.

The partner visa is a 2-stage process: you will first be granted a provisional partner visa which will become a permanent partner visa after 2 years if you are still in the relationship. The purpose is to ensure that your relationship is genuine.

Your children can be included in your partner visa application.

Please book an appointment for a personal assessment or  contact us to find out more about our services. 

What can I do with a partner visa?

With a provisional visa, you are allowed to enter and/or remain in Australia with your partner, until a decision is made regarding your permanent visa.

You will be able to work and study in Australia.

You will be able to access the Australian public medical scheme (Medicare), but you will not be able to benefit from other social security payments.

The time spent in Australia with a provisional visa will count towards the 4 years residency requirement to gain citizenship.

Once you obtain a permanent visa, you may be eligible to receive certain social security payments. For further details, check on Centrelink's website .

You may also be eligible to apply for Australian citizenship (provided all legal requirements are met).